1- Build

This is the place where you can edit your form and define elements’ features.

Let Us Introduce You Form Editing Screen

Elements Actions

Add Element

You can add the element that you want to use to your form by clicking on “Add Element” button.

You can check over Form Elements tab in order to get to know elements better.

You can edit features of every element one by one on the window opened on the right side of the screen by clicking element. On this screen, there are 3 tabs.

1) Tab, General: This is the place where you can change the main features and content of the element you have chosen. You can edit display name, line, placeholder, required choice, options and values. Please not that every element’s editable feature is different.

Please note that you can edit an element by selecting that element. You can start out with “Single Line Text” element to check over.

2) Tab, Style: It has a common structure in every form element. It can be edited in every element separately.

page➔ Element Style Tab

3) Tab, Validations: Possible validations can be selected according to the element type.

page➔ Element Validations Tab

Putting Element in Order

You can transput any element whenever you wish. The only thing you must do is to click&hold “drag icon” and drag towards wherever you wish as in the example.

Copying Element

You can duplicate an element with its features one-to-one. The only thing you must do is to click on the “Duplicate” icon. The duplicated new element is going to be added under the available one.

Delete an Element

You can easily delete an element that you want to remove.

Add Page

You can add pages to your form!

Every page is a separate step which must be viewed before completing the form/ before the form is completed. The pages are not independent forms. You can consider them as form questions that you cut into sections. You can show the pages you added with progress bar.

You can also make your choice among Multi Step options.

Please remember that you can make detailed adjustments for Multi Step and Progress Bar.

Thank You Page

From here you can arrange the page your visitors will see after the form is submitted.

You have 3 options! 1) Show Thank You Page: If you want to show a new and special page to your visitor when the form is submistted, you must select this option. You can easily edit your content with editor. You can show all the information you took from the elements in the form to your visitors on this screen. All you need to do is to add the vars used in your form to Thank You page as follows.

2) Redirect Page to a specific url When the form is submitted, you can set the link of any address to which you want to direct.

3) Stay on form and show only success message When the form is submitted, your visitors are not directed to any page. From here you can change the success message that is shown after clicking on the submit button.

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