Form submissions details.

You can read the messages from all of your forms on a single page.

Click on “Submission” on the left menu.

On the new page, current, active-passive, archived forms’, that is all the forms’ responses are seen. If you wish, you can search with form, read-unread and word on the left menu.

Submissions of archived forms can also be found on this page.

Messages are listed starting from the newest to the oldest. If you wait on the “Create Date” column, you can see the time and date of sending.

In order to delete messages, you need to make a selection from the message lines and then select “Delete Selected” from the “Select Action” section.

When you read a message, its status turn into “read” from “unread”. You can find this data in Dashboard, too.

Please click on the message line for detail of message.

It can save messages as excel file, csv, pdf and print.

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