Form Styles

You can customise form view from here.

Theme & Colors

The things you can do in this section:

You can choose your form themes from avaliable templates.

You can change “input styles” , “label styles” and “button styles” with the Customize option. It is recommended for the advanced users.

You can customize your theme color.

You can change font family.

You can choose background color for your form.

You can arrange the vertical padding value between the elements and your form’s padding value for the right and the left side of the page.


You can hide element label.

You can change label line or align inputs towards the right side.


You can change “Field Width” and “Field Size” from this section. It is going to be implemented for all the elements of your form.

For some elements, it might be necessary to change the size from element settings.


You can change “Button Size” and “Button Width” from this section for the button element that you use in your form.

You can make the detailed arrangements for Button Element from “General” tab by selecting element.

Loading Settings

You can arrange upload icon that shows during the uploading process. Inside Button: It is seen inside the Submit button. Whole Form: It is seen at the top of the form. Loading Bar: It is seen top of the Submit button.

You can also choose Loading Icons and change their colors.

Custom Css

You can add custom css to operate in every part of the form.

It is recommended for the advanced users.

Please remember that you can add “Additional Css Classes” from style features of each element, too.

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