Install, Activate and Update

Learn how to install Magic Form, then activate plugin. Also get updates.

Install & Activate

Visit your WP Plugins page and click "Add New"

Then click "Upload Plugin"

Next, select "browse", and then select the "" file from the plugin's main download folder.

And then click the "Activate Plugin"

The server PHP version must be at least 7.0 and above in order to enable the plugin without any problems. More information

Purchase Code Registration

To retrieve your Purchase Code, visit and click "Download -> License Certificate"

Then open the purchase receipt, and inside, copy the Purchase Code:

After enter license code. click Activate Plugin. If the license code is valid. You will be get a "License Verified" message.


  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from CodeCanyon.

  2. After your download log into your WordPress admin interface.

  3. Click on Plugins from the left hand menu.

  4. Deactivate and Delete Magic Form 3

  5. Click on "Add new".

  6. Click on "Upload".

  7. Browse to the directory you downloaded the plugin to and click Install.

  8. After WordPress has finished unpacking the file click on "Activate Plugin".

  9. After the plugin has been activated you can access Magic Form as before.

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