Frequently Asked Questions
Don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions. Besides, you can check over our document.

Now it’s very easy to create form with MagicForm developed for the Wordpress users of all levels. It will please both you and your visitors with its ease of use, style and design infrastructure.
MagicForm and its easy form builder add-on are doing wonders with wordpress. You can create wonderful forms with tens of elements and our smart ruler system!

Unfortunately not. However, you can check over our add-on on our demo address and sample forms page. Don’t worry. We will do our utmost to make you pleased.

You can recieve further information from our installation and administration guide. Please click here for more information/guide.

Certainly! You can add forms and submissions as many as you wish.

Sure. You can use our sample forms in different categories only with one click. You can customize the sample forms if you’d like to.

Yes. You can easily copy the form you use and make modifications on it.

Yes. You can send e-mails in special templates to your visitors in accordance with all the rules and regulations you establish.

Yes. You can take form submissions as Excel and printout.

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