Conditional Logic

Use logical operators to show/hide fields.

About Rules

You can choose the “show” or “hide” options according to the element value in the page with Conditional Logic. When the value of the element changes, you change the other elements or the appearence of the pages. For instance, assume that you added a select list. And, If this select list value is “Woman”, you can show the inputs that you made for women. The same for the “Man”.

In order to write more advanced rules, you must turn on advanced mode.

First Rule: On Form Load

When a page is added to the form, you might want to show or hide some inputs.

If you want to make the elements, which you want to show with Conditional logic, in private when page is added, you must use this rule.

This rule is not deleted and you can add actions more than one by clicking on the Add Action button.

Add Rule

Please to the Settings > Conditional Logic tab in order to use Conditional Logic. Click on the Add Rule button. Conditions must be fulfilled to implement the actions.

Basic Rules

For basic rules, there is only one condition an done action.

For instance, If they say yes to the question “Do you have children?”, then the rule you must add must be as follows.

Advanced Rules

In order to use advanced rules, you must turn on advanced mode.

There are 2 options on the top of the rule.

  1. Any

    If one of the conditions is true, the actions are going to work.

  2. All If all of the conditions are true, the actions are going to work

You can add more than one rule by clicking on “Add Condition”. Likewise, you can trigger multiple actions by clicking on the “Add Action” button.


There are lots of operators you can us efor the conditions:

  • Equals

  • Not Equals

  • Greater Than

  • Less Than

  • Contains

  • In List

  • Not in List

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