Range Slider


You can change, hide and align element.
You can arrange label styles from 3 different sections. Label setting in the Form Styles for the highest level. Label setting in the Page Styles for the midlevel. Undermost is the label setting of each element. You can inherit the styles of each level from the the next level (If you arrange Inherit
) or you can customize it.
inherit: For elements, it implements the styles, which are in page settings or form style, in this element.
Show: When it is selected, label appears.
Hide: When it is selected, label hides.
second inherit: When it is selected, it implements the syles, which are in page settings or form style, in this element.
inline: Label and input are aligned on the same line.
Left: Label is aligned left.
Center: Label is aligned to the center.
Right: Label is aligned right. will appear when advanced mode is on:
You can choose icon for label.
Label icon may not appear depending on the theme you use.


Min-Max: You can determine the min. and max. values of the number that can be entered. Default Value: If you enter “Default Value”, that value is going to be saved instead of the number that is selected with range slider. For instance, no matter what your visitor selects, this value is seen as “Default Value” in submission. Step: It determines the next step value of slider. Value Label: You can change the word for Value written under Range Slider. Value Position: You can align the word “Value” written under Range Slider.

Field ID

Each element has its own ID. It is the ID which is used for email and the other actions.